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Restoration of St Francis RC, Belmont begins in March

Built in 1903, the church was added to the list of National Heritage sites by the National Trust mid last year. Restoration will be executed in phases and funding support is being promoted by the parish.

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Recommended ritual for all Masses

This Sunday, January 24 is the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. In preparation for the second celebration of the Sunday of the Word of God  occasion, the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission submits for use by clergy and faithful the following liturgical directions.

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Educators make recommendations to MoE for reopening of schools

The Ministry has proposed a phased physical re-opening which includes the return next month of students of Standard 5 and Forms 4–6 preparing for examinations.

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Communicate, don’t lash out!

Are your teens and you arguing more? Are siblings hurling criticisms and insults at each other? Are you more irritated than usual with your partner, spouse, old parents, and relatives?

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