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Connecting soul, spirit and body

Christian thinking on souls, Fr Dexter Brereton CSSp explained, emerges from the meeting of philosophy and theology, both closely related disciplines.

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Bereavement Mass at Cathedral

The weather cleared up by evening when Mass began with Cathedral administrator Fr Martin Sirju as celebrant and Fr Martin Ezesigwe concelebrating, not to mention a trail of eight altar servers and three Eucharistic ministers.

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Church in Education for formation

Catholic education must be considered a domain for formation and not just education Archbishop Jason Gordon told the gathering of Catholic teachers at their annual convention held on November 9.

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Give God your best

Altar servers of the Archdiocese were reminded of their call to live lives reflective of a “true religion” which means always putting God first and embracing the generosity formula— the less you have remaining, the more generous you are; the more you have remaining, the less generous you are.

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