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Journeying with Jesus

Many even shoulder His cross, but without the pain He knew, without the scars that disfigured Him, and the sacrifice that set Him apart. 

August 25, 2019 Edit Remove
‘Can anything good come from that place?’

We must lend our voices to proclaiming the great things in our community …

August 24, 2019 Edit Remove
Not one or the other

We know that love is the essence and foundation of the Commandments. We also know that loving God and loving neighbour are inseparable. 

August 23, 2019 Edit Remove
An invitation to all

Come to the wedding Feast of the Son.

August 22, 2019 Edit Remove
God is just

“My friend, I am not being unjust to you."

August 21, 2019 Edit Remove
Everything is possible

I know that it is only the Grace of God that allows me to put Him first in my life.

August 20, 2019 Edit Remove
Lifting the bar

The truth is we do well with God only if we do well to and with neighbour.

August 19, 2019 Edit Remove
I came to cast fire upon the earth

Why did Jesus link fire from heaven with costly division on the earth? 

August 18, 2019 Edit Remove
Don’t hinder them

Allow the Children.

August 17, 2019 Edit Remove
The two shall become one

Several things are needed in order to arrive at ‘oneness’.

August 16, 2019 Edit Remove