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God and neighbour

[The] love of God, once welcomed, becomes the most formidable means of transforming our lives and relationships with others.

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You're invited

That the right to enter was no longer restricted to the chief priests and elders ...signified that with Jesus, heaven had finally come down to earth.

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The power to include

To have the power to include, means that we also have the power to exclude, to reject others in any number of ways, to exercise authority in a way that robs others of their dignity. 

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Sustained by faith

It is precisely when confronted by situations in which we feel powerless that we must be sustained by our faith in God, for whom nothing is impossible. 

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The other journey

In the footsteps of Jesus, it is not the good things you do that matter; it is not the riches you give up. It is the gift of yourself ...

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The living bread

We learn that in giving we receive; when we grasp we lose; in forgiving we become free

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Divine Patience

It is true that sometimes we know more than we think we do, but it is also true that there is a great deal we do not know.

August 15, 2015 Edit Remove
The power of His arm

“He has shown the power of his arm...  routed the proud of heart... pulled down princes from their thrones and exalted the lowly”

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Remembering the thirsty

Often we drink deeply from the fountain, without a drop of concern for those who thirst ..

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To listen and to love

Failure in communication often stems from our inability to trust the other, to reveal what is in our hearts.

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