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Feast of St. John the Evangelist

We not only celebrate the birth of Jesus but we celebrate our Lord who has risen and reigns triumphantly,  

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Endure to the end

 Scripture reminds us that the closer we come to Jesus, the greater the possibility that we could lose our heads! 

December 26, 2018 Edit Remove
The first evangelists

Glorify and praise God for all we hear and see

December 25, 2018 Edit Remove
Encountering Zachariah and Elizabeth

We are losing our voice by not recognizing Angels announcing messages of hope.

December 24, 2018 Edit Remove
Then, life has a new meaning

And there is joy in our hearts as we hurry to meet Him. Is Christmas!

December 23, 2018 Edit Remove
Praise for our salvation.

Her ‘Yes’ provides us with the fulfilment of the promise of the ages.

December 22, 2018 Edit Remove
Holy Innocents.

They are hunted, abused, maltreated, used, and are even killed in order to secure sovereignty.

December 21, 2018 Edit Remove
Bow to God in Humility

Behold the Handmaid of the Lord.

December 20, 2018 Edit Remove
The Sign

Understanding the signs 

December 19, 2018 Edit Remove
What’s in a name?

‘He is the one who is to save his people from their sins.’

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