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Embracing Service and Humility

Jesus invites us to reject the Pharisaic mentality of separating ourselves from the community. Jesus’ message about attitudes of hypocrisy, in his time, is relevant today, in our families, parish, society, workplaces.

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Because of the crowd, they could not see their beloved.

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It is possible

For God everything is possible

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I have heard it said many times, “I am so busy, there aren’t enough hours  in the day.” We are often busy doing  good things. 

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The ‘Word’ made ‘flesh’

Jesus came to lead a new people on a new Exodus

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Suffer children

These little lights of mine, let them shine.

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Beyond the law

Marriage celebrates family, friendships, stability; and promises continuity. 

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Forgive as God forgives

As God forgives us infinitely; we must so forgive.

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The Assumption

What is your “magnificat”?

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The greatest

Jesus replies by His life.

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